Get Local Venues

Fetch a list of venues within a city and, optionally, nearby cities as well.



The id of the city.
[optional] The distance around the city specified by cityId to search for additional events. Omitting this parameter will have the same effect as passing a zero radius – it will only fetch events that occur in that specific city. The maximum radius (in miles) that can be specified is 50.
[optional] The zero-based index of the page number to select. Selecting a page number that is higher than the number of available pages will succeed with an empty response.
[optional] The size of each page. Using a combination of the page and pageSize parameters, you can create a custom paging solution.


It is also possible to implement a paging system based on the fromDate and toDate parameters, instead of using page and pageSize by requesting data in date range blocks (by month or year for example).


To fetch all venues in the town of Salida, California:


    "page": 0,
    "pageSize": 20,
    "totalPages": 0,
    "totalEvents": 0,
    "radius": 1,
    "venues": [
            "VenueId": 109130546,
            "VenueName": "Westside Pavilion At Black Oak Casino",
            "VenueURL": "",
            "CityId": 49808,
            "CityName": "Salida",
            "CityURL": "",
            "State": "CA",
            "CountryId": 105,
            "CountryName": "United States",
            "Location": "Salida, CA",
            "VenueTypes": [
            "Capacity": 6000,
            "RB": true,
            "BO": false,
            "TH": false
            <VenueName>Westside Pavilion At Black Oak Casino</VenueName>
            <CountryName>United States</CountryName>
            <Location>Salida, CA</Location>