Venue Search

Search the database for a list of venues that match a specific query string.



The name of the venue to find.
[optional] The zero-based index of the page number to select. Selecting a page number that is higher than the number of available pages will succeed with an empty response.
[optional] The size of each page. Using a combination of the page and pageSize parameters, you can create a custom paging solution. The default pageSize is 20.


This endpoint will return a list of matching venues based on the venueName parameter. It does not guarantee that a unique venue will be returned – it will return all venues that match some part of the search string, ranked by most likely match first. The higher the value of the rank element in the result set, then the higher the probability of an exact match to the query string.

The returned venueId value can be used as a parameter for the Get Venue Routebook endpoint.


To find the first page of venues that match the query string “strummers”:


    "page": 0,
    "pageSize": 5,
    "totalVenues": 3,
    "venues": [
            "id": 276581,
            "name": "Strummer's",
            "url": "",
            "latitude": 36.758982854229721,
            "longitude": -119.80032807128825,
            "location": "Fresno, CA",
            "cityId": 23546,
            "rb": 17,
            "th": 643,
            "bo": 11,
            "rank": 781.1891
            "id": 392463,
            "name": "Strummers",
            "url": "",
            "latitude": null,
            "longitude": null,
            "location": "Pittsburgh, PA",
            "cityId": 45168,
            "rb": 0,
            "th": 1,
            "bo": 0,
            "rank": 711.2125
            "id": 433963,
            "name": "Strummer's Village Tavern",
            "url": "",
            "latitude": 32.65895568499861,
            "longitude": -114.6255290478927,
            "location": "Yuma, AZ",
            "cityId": 473,
            "rb": 0,
            "th": 11,
            "bo": 0,
            "rank": 196.52716
            <location>Fresno, CA</location>
            <location>Pittsburgh, PA</location>
            <name>Strummer&amp;#39;s Village Tavern</name>
            <location>Yuma, AZ</location>