Update your endpoint URL’s

As part of our ongoing effort to modernize and update the services offered by Pollstar, the API has moved to a new location, allowing us to better segment our services and to increase performance.

Currently, calls to the API are using the following base URL:


This has now changed to:


You will need to update your code to reflect the new URL’s by the end of April 2020. After this date, the endpoints located at https://www.pollstar.com will no longer be available.

This change affects ALL existing endpoints, including the call to obtain a new token.

Review the Terms of Use

Also, please ensure that you are using the free version of the API according to the Terms of Use. This includes the sections regarding the public display of Pollstar links on 3rd party websites or apps and correctly attributing the data to Pollstar.

If we are unable to determine exactly how our data is being used, we may terminate your access to the API until such time as our Terms of Use are met.

That said…

New API functionality coming soon

…we will soon be releasing a paid version of our free API. This will allow customers to consume Pollstar data without the need to attribute the content back to us. It will also allow customers to use our events and data without requiring a link back to pollstar.com.

We are still working out a pricing and access model for this new access tier, but rest assured, you will be able to monitor your usage using the new Developer Portal…

New developer portal

Finally, we have been hard at work on a new developer portal that will be publicly available in the next month or so. This new site will become the central hub for the Pollstar API, containing everything from FAQ’s and documentation to detailed analytics and performance metrics.

You will be able to view your API usage down to each individual call. Data points can be shown visually on graphs, summarized, or broken down into detailed reports for each endpoint, showing time stamps, response times, call parameters etc.

We are very excited for these upcoming improvements to the Pollstar API and we are looking forward to building on this new infrastructure as we move forward.


Dan Martin

Pollstar CTO