In order to quickly and efficiently process new tour dates, Pollstar is now requesting that itineraries be sent to us in Excel spreadsheet format. We have developed several new tools and utilities to speed up the process of importing events from spreadsheet to our database, and the format of the spreadsheet doesn’t even matter too much! As long as each event is on its own row and each row contains all the information necessary to identify an event, we can use it.

So why should you start sending information in spreadsheet format?

Quite simply, because your tour dates will appear on the web site much faster. We can no longer guarantee that any dates we receive will make it to the website if we are unable to process them quickly and efficiently. By submitting your events in a fairly standard format, our software can quickly and easily extract the relevant information and add it to the website.

What format should you use for the spreadsheet?

It really doesn’t matter too much. As mentioned above, as long as there is one event per row and each row contains enough information to create an event, we should be able to process it. And if we can’t, we will change our process so that we can handle it moving forward.

That said, the basic information required to create an event is as follows:

Artist – If necessary, feel free to separate artists into two columns, for headliners and support. If there is only one artist column containing multiple artists, we will assume that the first artist is the headliner and the remaining artists are the support. If this won’t work for you, then simply create a column for headliners and another column for support. Either way will work for us.

Venue – Name of the venue. Some location information (such as city/state/country) is always useful too, because a lot of venues share the same name and we don’t want to add your events to a similarly named venue in the wrong city!

Date – Every event needs a play date.

Additionally, if you are submitting a series of events for a specific venue or artist, you only need to mention the name of the recurring venue or artist once and we will apply it to every event in the list.

Will Pollstar still accept tour data in other formats?

Tentatively, yes… we will still accept breaking tours for major artists in other formats, such as PDF, DOCX etc, and we will try to get to them as fast as we can. However, if you need your dates up quickly, your best option is to send them as an Excel spreadsheet. There is no guarantee that we will be able to process tour data in any other format in a timely manner.

Where should you send your information?

As always, send your tour itineraries to [email protected].

Who can I talk to, regarding questions about this new process?

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding tour dates and box office reporting, or the website in general.

Dan Martin (Chief Technology Officer)

Brad Rogers (Tour Database and Box Office Editor)

Thank you for choosing Pollstar!