The new Pollstar website has now completely replaced the old Pollstar Pro site. While we’re all very excited to be moving forward, we realize that customers may have a few concerns or problems and hopefully we will be able to address some of them here.

Account Issues

I can’t log in
You can no longer login with your username. Instead, you must login using your email address and password.

If you still cannot login, try resetting your password. When accounts were migrated to the new site, we updated our password encryption algorithm so you may need to reset it.

If you still cannot login, please contact our customer support helpdesk or call 559 271-7900 and we will be happy to assist you.

I’m logged in, but I still can’t see subscriber-only information
This is probably because your email address has logged you into an old account and not your paid account. Don’t worry – your PollstarPro account is still there, it’s just being “hidden” by a free account. Please contact customer service and we will be happy to straighten this out for you.

Missing or Changed Functionality

Some features may have changed or appear to have been removed entirely. This is a short-list of updated features and what has happened to them.

Customers can no longer sort the event lists by clicking the list header
This feature has NOT been removed intentionally and we are actively working to restore this functionality as quickly as we can.
UPDATE: It is now possible to sort past dates on the artist page. Other pages will be updated soon.
UPDATE 2: You can now sort past dates on all event listing pages: artist, venue and city.
Box Office indicators are missing from past events
These items (the RB/TH/BOX icons) will be restored as soon as possible wherever they are missing.
UPDATE: resolved.
Some pages (such as the Live Box Office Database) do not provide an easy way of printing the information. This feature will also be restored soon.
Custom Research
  1. Returning to the search results after navigating away to an artist or venue page will clear the form. This is being worked on and will be fixed soon.
    UPDATE: List items will now open in a new window. This is a temporary workaround while we refine the tool to actually remember your search criteria.
  2. Omitting the City from a region search will show an error stating that no results were found. This is obviously a bug and will be fixed.
    UPDATE: This has been resolved – you can now perform a region search by city or state, as intended.
Full-Row Select on Event Lists
Navigating between artists and venues will always take you through the event page, rather than allowing you to move directly to the artist or venue that you are interested in. This is a feature that is designed to make navigation easier on a touch screen, by making the entire row clickable with a finger. However, many of our professional users are finding this extra step to be time consuming and unnecessary, so we are planning on making the full-row selection optional for paid customers. We will be adding an option to the customer control panel that allows you to switch the display between the modern full-row select or the more traditional links to specific items on each row.
Update: It is now possible to disable the Full Row Select feature, and navigate the events lists in a more traditional manner, that our Pro subscribers are familiar with. To disable the Full Row Select, simply login to your account, click on the Customer Info link under the account menu at the top of the page and turn off the option labelled “Event Listings use Full Row Select”.
This feature is only available to Pro-Level subscribers.
Older Web Browsers
Older web browsers will not be able to run the new Pollstar site correctly. Internet Exporer in particular will not work, because it is simply too old and it does not support the modern technologies that we are using. Additionally, older versions of Safari will not work correctly either.
The site will work correctly on the latest versions of all the popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.
There are NO plans to ensure the site works correctly on outdated browsers, because they simply cannot support the technology.
Back button will sometimes go back 2 pages
We are aware of this issue.

Please keep providing your feedback. We really do value your input and we are working hard to bring you the best experience possible.

Thank you for your patience,

Dan Martin