Pollstar is pleased to introduce our new API, which will be replacing the existing version. This new version is more modern, faster, lighter, fully compliant with OAUTH 2.0 and capable of returning both XML and JSON responses.

This means that the current version of the Pollstar API will be shut down permanently on April 30, 2019. Therefore, any applications that are using the legacy API must be refactored to use the new API by this date, or they will cease to function.

Access to the new API is available to all customers with a free or paid Pollstar account. Further endpoints will be added to the API in the future to support additional functionality. Some of these endpoints may require additional subscription fees and licensing agreements.

You can activate the new API on your Pollstar account at https://www.pollstar.com/api-info.

Please be aware that we have updated our terms and conditions and we will be enforcing the new terms far more rigorously than we have in the past. We may also add a reasonable limit to the number of calls per day that can be made to the free version of the API in order to prevent abuse.

Full documentation for the new API is available on the Pollstar Blog.

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the API migration to the Pollstar API group on Facebook or feel free to leave a comment here.

Thank you for using Pollstar.


Dan Martin