After considerable feedback from our Pro customers, we have added an option to disable the Full-Row Select feature on all event listings.

This feature was designed to improve usability on touch-screens and to make it simpler and faster to drill down to a specific event. However, while these design features are great for quickly locating a specific event on a phone or other touch device, it quickly became apparent that our Pro customers need far more control over the site than this feature can provide.

Therefore, we have decided to make the Full Row Select feature entirely optional for our valued Pollstar Pro customers. This feature is NOT available to customers with free accounts or guest visitors – it is an added benefit of a Pollstar Pro subscription.

To disable the Full Row Select, simply login to your account and click the Customer Info link on the menu that appears when you mouse over your email address at the top of the screen. (Mobile users can simply touch the small avatar icon at the top right of the screen to display the menu).

Once on the Customer Info page, you can then uncheck the box labelled “Event Listings use Full Row Select” and then click “Save“.

You should now be able to navigate to a specific artist, venue or city from each of the event list pages without being directed through the event page first.

As always, we value your feedback and we are working hard to bring you the tools and features that you ask for.

Dan Martin